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Machine Guns


***Full auto rentals as low as $25!***

With over 60 machine guns, we have the largest collection outside of Las Vegas

Experience the MP5, Uzi, Tommy Gun, M4, AK-47 and much more!

Belt Fed Machine Guns Available:

M2 .50 cal, M249 SAW, M60, M240B, MG43, MG42, RPK, RPD, PKM

The $99 Package!

Shoot all these guns for one low price. Includes ammo:
Uzi – 1 mag
Full Auto Glock 19 – 1 mag
M4 – 1  mag
.50 Desert Eagle – 3 rounds

The Big Shot Package! Only $199!!

This package is at the Carson City Range. Transportation is available.

Barrett M99 .50 rifle – 3 shots

MP5 – 1 mag
AK-47 – 1 mag

Uzi – 1 mag
.50 Desert Eagle – 3 rounds

Compare prices – no one can touch this package. One shooter per package!
Additional ammo will be available for purchase & other guns will be available for rent.


For questions email: