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Classes & Events

The CCW Class is a requirement for a concealed weapons permit.
These gun classes are also a great choice for beginners to learn firearm safety and defensive handling of firearms.
We offer CCW classes at our indoor range in Reno with a focus on increasing your confidence and comfort level in handling your weapon.

Our instructors are experienced in defensive firearms deployment and instruction in military and private citizen environments.
Several topics are covered including safety, weapons handling skills, tactics, carrying your weapon, the law regarding use of force and other legal issues.
The class includes onsite testing and qualifications at our range.


What You Need to Bring to CCW Classes:
Any handgun
50 cartridges (available at range)
Extra magazines or speed loaders, if you have them
Eye and ear protection protection provided, or bring your own


Taking a CCW class at Big Shot Range is the most convenient and cost effective as the classroom and range are co-located and The $75 cost includes range time. If you take the class with anyone else, chances are you will end up qualifying at the range anyhow, but at a higher cost. Or you’ll have to drive out to the desert (not fun in the winter!) to qualify.

Students are encouraged to pre-book to guarantee their slot.

NV Initial: $75.00
NV Renewal: $50.00

Nevada plus Utah: $100.00

Time: Every Sunday. Utah starts at 8am, Nevada initials start at 9 am, Nevada renewals start at 1 pm.

Weekly Competition Shoot

Test your skills at our weekly competition shoot! A different course of fire each week.  Every Thursday at 6pm. $15 entry fee, $5 for members.


Personal Training

Personal training is available for $65/hr and covers anything your interested in, including but not limited to, marksmanship, weapons training & maintenance. This is perfect for new gun owner who wants to become familiar with their new gun and want to learn the basics of marksmanship. Call 775-853-6272 to book with our NRA certified pistol instructor Aly.